fuel-rich mixture

fuel-rich mixture
топливная смесь с избытком горючего, богатая смесь

English-russian astronautics dictionary. - M.: Military Publishing house. . 1964.

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  • fuel-air mixture — The fuel air mixture denotes a combination of fuel and air within a certain range of proportion. It is chemically correct when there is enough air in the mixture to burn up the present fuel completely. Normally, it is 1:15 by weight. There are… …   Aviation dictionary

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  • rich mixture — A fuel air mixture in which fuel is proportionally more than the chemically correct (stoichmetric) mixture. See air fuel mixture …   Aviation dictionary

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  • rich cut — The sudden loss of a reciprocating engine power caused by a rich mixture. It is more common during negative g maneuvers when a float chamber carburetor tends to get flooded. See air fuel mixture. See also rich mixture …   Aviation dictionary

  • rich flameout — A condition in which the flame in a gas turbine engine goes out, as the fuel air mixture is too rich to support combustion …   Aviation dictionary

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